Digital Fabrication leads the way in Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi.

30 October 2012

The Faculty's impressive digital fabrication facilities have been instrumental in two university submissions to this year's Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition.

Phd in Architecture and alumna Ivana Kuzmonovska and Rachel Couper's Mirador stands in a commanding position in an old lookout tower.

Mirador, a 3.5 metre high dome, is internally lined with mirrors. The shifting reflections create heterotopian spaces - places to which the visitor cannot travel. This, combined with the seascape, questions the nature of looking and reflection, man and nature.

"Our design focused on the reflective surfaces. We wanted to repeat and multiply impossible places - the other side of the mirror, for instance. The combination of this effect and the sweeping horizon is a beautiful juxtaposition of man and nature," Kuzmanovska said.

Mirador was fabricated by the ATSC. ATSC Director and Head of Digital Fabrication, Marjo Niemelä, says that works using numerous individual elements could only be produced using digital fabrication processes.

"The sheer amount of cutting required to make each piece so exact would have taken aeons by traditional means. We are able to use laser cutters to automate much of that process. In part, students have more adventurous designs because they know we have the ability to make them. That's a powerful combination," Niemelä said.

The design had been previously developed in close collaboration with tutor Alexander Jung and structural engineer Harry Partridge, along with a series of performative spaces that Dr. Dagmar Reinhardt researched with a team of professionals and students in the Master of Digital Architecture Studio 2011 for the Sydney Festival.

The Faculty is also exhibiting staff member Kate Dunn's work, regenerate, which is a series of playful sculptures reminiscent of seed pods.

The Faculty is proud to continue its involvement with Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi this year.

Contact: Dagmar Reinhardt

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