Design Computing: Late Round Offers

17 January 2013

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning has made available additional spaces in the Bachelor of Design Computing program. The Faculty will also be accepting flexible entry portfolios for these additional spaces, with all portfolios due on 24 January at 12pm.

A combination of design and high-end technology, the Design Computing program trains students to produce novel approaches to human interaction with computers, mobile devices and other electronic media.

Design Computing goes far beyond a traditional IT degree: it incorporates elements of interaction design and considers the users' needs and experiences. Using the latest technologies, you will work to produce innovative solutions to a variety of challenges in our digital environments.

Every Design Computing student acquires a broad range of skills in their studio and other core units. These skills cover everything from sound design to programming. You can learn more about this skills and the program on the program page. Be sure to check the 'Toolkit' for an example of the kinds of skills you can acquire in your degree.

The degree works in a two-stage process. First, you will be trained in ideation; the ability to invent and evaluate ideas. Then, you will develop skills in implementation, enabling you to turn your best ideas into reality.

A key strength of this degree is its electives program. Spanning 16 university faculties, you may choose electives from across fourareas, including Technical, Creative Arts, Professional and Design Computing Exclusives.

  • Technical electives allow you to study units inmechatronics, electrical engineering, information systems and other key areas in the development and design of devices.
  • Creative Arts electives expose you to new mediaand skills in graphic design, designing for the web, designing with code and traditional media such as photography, ceramics or painting.
  • Professional electives let you understand your users better. Choose units from the humanities or psychology to understand how users' think, or take units from the Sydney Business School to learn how to monetise your applications and products.

Design Computing electives are exclusive to students enrolled in this program. They extend the core experiences of yourstudio units or enable you to pursue independent study projects. These independent projects enable you to develop your own ideas, drawing on the skills and expertise of your lecturers as you determine the best way to make your product, service or device. A key advantage of this mode of study is that you can then turn your work into a commercial service or pursue a patent for a new technology or interaction.

All of this this combines to produce graduates that can bridge the fields of technology and design and are highly sought after by industry.

Late Round vacancy applications close on 24 January 2013. See UAC for more details on how to apply. More information is available on the Design Computing program is available online or you can talk directly to our staff on 02 9351 2686

Contact: Anne-Marie Leo

Phone: +61 2 9351 2686

Email: 28325d222b2318453a0b5d380453002c11162b1b5c005e025742625403