Design Computing graduates a perfect fit for innovative companies

17 January 2013

Last year's graduating Design Computing students are already finding employment in the lucrative and fast-paced web and application development industry.

Creative Licence Digital is a niche mobile application development firm in Sydney's Manly region. The firm, established five years ago, is best known for developing the ShopperNova application, one of the few Australian applications to make use of the Passbook feature on Apple's iPhones and iOS devices.

The company is clearly excited about the cutting edge capabilities of new technologies, and ShopperNova is a great example of how quickly Creative Licence Digital implements these technologies in their products.

Darren Winterford is the company's director. During his time, he's worked for big clients such as development firm Brookfield Multiplex, the Westpac Group and the Mars Group. He says that Creative Licence Digital takes on these large clients to develop commercial build quality and attention to users' needs. Once these projects are underway, the firm pursues it's own titles that leverage the experiences gained from its third party corporate clients.

"We're a hybrid. Sometimes we are a third-party developer working for large organisations but at others we use our skills to pursue our own applications," Winterford said. "We have put out five or six of our own titles in the last 18 months and look to disrupt traditional industries."

"We had done our research and we have a number of graduates that have pure computer science or pure engineering degrees. But the ones that held our interest the most are the developers that can be the hybrid - the creative developers.

"When we discovered the Design Computing degree, the fit is perfect for our business. Because mobile devices are so intimate, everything has to be done with precision. That's where the Design Computing degree really helps - its graduates are thinking about what's the best way to make the user experience."

Amelia Lewis (pictured top right), who graduated from the Bachelor of Design Computing last year and won the Cubic Transport Industry Award, started working with Creative Licence Digital this month. She says that it is the unique blend of professional and technical skills in the program that helped her find that all-important first job.

"I'm very happy that I found work so quickly. I had only been out of university for a few weeks before I found a job with such an innovative company. It's a real credit to the degree that we graduate with employment-ready skills."

Lewis has some advice to students considering a career in Design Computing or a related field. She says that one of the most important aspects is to be able to draw on a wide range of factors to produce a simple, elegant solution.

"You've got to consider so many things: user interaction, presentation, cost, implementation times and that's before you look at what's technically possible with current or emerging technologies. It's important that you stay on top of trends both in technology and in design.

"Design Computing let me develop my technical skills while keeping an eye on what people use and enjoy. And that's why employers see a real advantage in hiring graduates that can understand how to bridge these two important aspects of a product or service," Lewis said.

Late Round vacancy are available for this program. Applications close on 24 January 2013. Flexible entry is also available, with portfolios due on 24 January at 12 pm. See UAC for more details on how to apply. More information on the Design Computing program is available online or you can talk directly to our staff on 02 9351 2686.

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