Faculty academics promote new IEQ Laboratory at leading international conference, UK.

19 April 2012

University of Sydney academic and world-leading researcher in thermal comfort, Professor Richard de Dear, last week explained the Australia-first Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) laboratory to a leading conference in the UK.

Speaking at the 7th Windsor Conference, de Dear presented a paper outlining the IEQ laboratory's facilities and applications.

The conference, this year themed 'the changing context of comfort in an unpredictable world' is an industry-leading forum for the discussion of IEQ research and practices.

de Dear is optimistic that Australia can continue to lead in this field of research.

"IEQ is an increasingly important area of study as we intensify our demand for energy efficiency within the built environment," de Dear said. "For instance, the UK Government has an ambitious plan for all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016."

"The Windsor conference demonstrates best-in-field knowledge that we can use back in Australia and allows us to share our knowledge with other research teams from around the world," de Dear said.

On the basis of a paper he presented at the Windsor conference two years ago, de Dear was invited to give a presentation to sustainability practitioners in the UK after the conference. He has been asked to present to the partners of Foster+Partners, a global design firm based in London.

Whilst in London de Dear was also invited to present a guest lecture at The Bartlett (University College London), and explore potential research and teaching collaborations between UCL and the University of Sydney.

University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning academics Daniel Ryan and Christhina Candido also presented papers at the conference, which was well attended by international researchers.

Ryan's presentation examined the complexities of comfort, and detailed the historical development of comfort from 1914-1945. Candido presented on a comfort-based policy for retrofitting air-conditioning in state government buildings across New South Wales.

Several of de Dear's PhD students also presented research papers, including: Jungsoo Kim, Thomas Parkinson, Craig Roussac and Ashak Nathwani.

Fellow researchers from Japan, USA, Demark, Austria, China, Germany, Brazil, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Iran, Portugal, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia and the United Kingdom joined the Faculty's IEQ Lab researchers in Windsor.

This diverse spread of geographies and opinions demonstrates the truly global importance of comfort that we all share as we tackle social and environmental challenges.

You can learn more about the IEQ laboratory by visiting IEQ Laboratory website.