Biome Exhibition Opens to Packed Crowd

13 August 2012

Biome 'Digital Interdisciplinations' exhibition opens with packed public viewing

Thursday last week saw the Tin Sheds Gallery turned into a cutting-edge showcase of technologies, digital media and interactive arts as the Digital Interdisciplinations exhibition was formally opened by the Professor John Redmond, Dean, Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning.

The exhibition forms one component of the Biome symposium that is currently underway at the University of Sydney. Biome 2012 is a creative collaboration that investigates the natural functions across biology, mathematics, music, behavioural studies, engineering, interaction design and architecture.

Biome is a research cluster that is co-directed by Dr Dagmar Reinhardt, Dr Martin Tomitsch, Dr Lian Loke and Dr Oliver Bown

Oliver Bown, (Co-Director of Biome 2012) says that the exhibition represents the key linkages between the natural world and the creative interpretations it affords.

"In their various ways, the works explore the ideas of the digital world breaking out and interacting with physical nature", Bown said. "It's a metaphor that represents naturally emerging human organisations."

A series of performances by Laura Altman, Monika Brooks, Erin Gee, Sam Pettigrew and the Faculty's own Oliver Bown demonstrated how natural patterns are found across the breadth of creative endeavour.

Biome is currently seeking funding for an exhibition brochure. You can support the project by contributing at Pozible.

The Faculty is excited to see the early fruits of the Biome Symposium and anticipates that many rewarding discussions will occur as the symposium progresses.

Registration is still open. The symposium is free and will commence on Saturday the 18th of August.