Design Lab Research presented at OzChi Conference

28 November 2012

Cutting-edge research in human-computer interaction is the topic of discussion at the annual OzCHI Conference in Melbourne this year.

OzCHI brings together researchers from across Australia to build networks, find collaborators and stay abreast of the latest knowledge of the way humans interact with computers.

Design Lab lecturer and program director of the University's Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts (IDEA), Lian Loke, says that OzChi is one of the best ways to present research and gain inspiration from others' works.

"The conference does the equivalent of research speed dating. It gets everyone acquainted with everyone else's research," Loke said.

"We have also been constructing research trees that show the relationships between areas of research. Understanding these degrees of separation between active research projects lets us easily see where the field is headed."

Yesterday, Loke and UTS collaborator Professor Toni Robertson ran a workshop, 'The Body in Design'. The workshop involved designing for bodily experience and understanding bodily engagement in the design process.

Design Lab PhD candidate, Ingrid Pohl, will present today a short paper, 'Engaging the sense of touch in interactive architecture'. The paper explores the ideas manifest in her prototype sensitive surfaces, on display at the Design Lab's end of year festival, Organised Cacophony.

IDEA research student, Claudia Nunez-Pacheco has also presented a poster, 'Eloquent Robes' that explains the work currently exhibited at Organised Cacophony.

Contact: David Gunther

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