Four international Design Studio Workshops

15 August 2006

Juriessat on Cockatoo Island which can only be described as a success of the type that becomes legend! Juries were done in three historic buildings, including in the vast Turbine Hall where the 'Responsive Environment' studio created two installations - the daytime one involving flooding the floor to mirror the space vertically, and the evening one involving hundreds of candles and extraordinary projections, across vast distances, by the very-surprisingly-powerful mobile data projectors of this Faculty. Below is a link to photographs which will give an idea of the event.

Our full-time staff were represented by Marc Schnabel and myself, and a number of our part-time staff participated in the jury: Dagmar Reinhardt , Matt Chan, Chris Abel, David Ostinga, Marcus Trimble, Alex Jung, Joseph Buch, plus members of the profession and friends of Faculty: Rachel Neeson, Nick Murcutt; Brian Zulhaika; Janet Lawrence. images.pdf