The planning behind architecture faculty's new name design

1 January 2007

As last year's HSC students contemplate tertiary study options this week, the University of Sydney 's Architecture Faculty announces a name change to better reflect the 22 different courses it offers.

From 1 January 2007 the Faculty will be called Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning - for the first time acknowledging its leading reputation not just for architectural studies, but for related design and planning disciplines.

"While we will always be known as a leading institution for architectural learning and research, our new name reflects the impressive breadth and depth of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the Faculty," said Dean Tom Kvan.

"Apart from architecture and architecture design, undergraduate students can also study design computing - a qualification that equips our graduates to work in an array of new media and new technology industries.

"At a post-graduate level, study areas range from urban and regional design and planning, building services, digital media, heritage conservation, transport management and sustainable design, to name a few.

"We have some of the world's leading experts in these areas on staff. In urban and regional planning Professor Ed Blakely will continue his teaching and research in the faculty while he takes up a part-time appointment leading the reconstruction of New Orleans.

"Dr Peter Armstrong's expertise in Japanese architecture has recently been honoured with a Commendation by Japan's President and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"Professor Mary Lou Maher took up a high-profile position in July as Scientific Advisor to the US National Science Foundation's Directorate of Computer and Information Science and Engineering. This two-year post will allow her to continue her research and supervision in design computing at Sydney.

"Our students are also attracting international attention. Mitchell Page, an honours student who designed an electronic basketball shirt that displays a basketball game's points, has recently been featured in print, broadcast and online media around the world.

"We believe our new name will give students, staff and the community a better picture of the dynamic, internationally-focussed and creatively-intersecting discipline areas encompassed by our faculty."

A full list of study areas in the Faculty ofArchitecture, Design and Planning


* Architecture & Allied Arts
* Design Computing & Cognition
* Design Science
* Urban and Regional Planning and Policy

Coursework Masters

* Architectural History, Theory & Criticism
* Architectural Design
* Audio & Acoustics
* Building
* Building Services
* Commerce & FM
* Design Computing
* Digital Media
* Facilities Management
* Heritage Conservation
* Illumination Design
* Sustainable Design
* Transport Management & URP
* Urban Design
* Urban Design & URP
* Urban & Regional Planning


* Design Computing
* Architecture

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