One of our alumni, Ashley Ross BONTHORNE, was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia-26 Jan

2 February 2007

His medal is for service to architecture and the planning and design of urban areas, to the architectural profession, to local government, and to the community. Congratulations Ross.

Ross held the role of Principal Architect within Lend Lease since 1977. He had the overall responsibility for the design of all major projects undertaken by the Lend Lease Group Companies generally and Lend Lease Design specifically.

During his time with Lend Lease, and in partnership with local government, Ross has led a number of significant Town Centre
revitlisation projects. Ross has 22 years of local government experience as an elected member of the Sydney City Council and Pitt Water Council, including Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Chairman of Sydney City Planning Committee and the Central Sydney Planning Committee.

Ross was also a recipient of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Presidents Award for an Outstanding Contribution to the
Architectural Profession.