Sydney Architecture students light up the city

26 May 2009

Three bright students from The University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning are participating in the inaugural Smart Light Sydney festival from the 26th of May to the 15th of June with their installation "Lumenocity" exhibited in the forecourt of Customs House.

Sean Bryen (winner of the 2008 Leslie Wilkinson Prize in Architectural History and Theory), Sascha Crocker (winner of the 2008 Byera Hadley and Diana Inglis Carment Scholarships) and Andrew Daly (2008 University Medalist) developed Lumenocity as part of the Smart Light Walk, a series of dynamic light sculptures following a pedestrian route around the city's harbour precinct.

Lumenocity is an abstraction of the city's CBD, it is illuminated by the glow of energy-efficient fluorescents. The humming sound of the lanterns in the installation, the sound of consumption, build up to a chorus and serve as a counterpoint to the delicate appearance of the miniature CBD, a salient reminder of the price of Sydney's luminous beauty.

The installation, which takes up most of the forecourt of Customs House, was constructed by Concept Craft. "Concept Craft, along with Sylvania Lighting who supplied the lighting, have been generous supporters of the exhibition," said Sascha Crocker. "With additional funding for materials coming from the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning and The University of Sydney."

"We are hoping that this installation becomes a meaning contribution to the environmental, cultural and social discourse of the City of Sydney. The installation has already developed a considerable amount of interest from locals and visitors while we were setting up, with crowds of people talking to us about the project."

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning, Professor Warren Julian, who teaches one of the few courses in Illumination Design offered around the world, added, "The faculty is proud of the creativity and ingenuity exhibited by our talented students such as Sean, Sascha and Andrew. Lumenocity is a prime example of the blend of creative skills with cultural, theoretical and interdisciplinary foundations that underpin our approach to design education."

Lumenocity will be exhibited at Customs House until the 14th of June. The University of Sydney will also be exhibiting the installation later in the year.

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