Exhibition at ANU by Dr onacloV and the InterANTARCTIC Team

8 September 2009

Exhibition at ANU by Dr onacloV and the InterANTARCTIC Team:
Michael Bates, Kevin Chen, Drew Cosgrove, Nathaniel Fay, Andrew Kurniawan, Eric Neo, Suna Rizalar, Lucy Ro, Florence Sze-To, Julia Tang, Patrick Wang, Nadine Denten, Selhan Haksoz, Zi Hao Jing, Lucy Urquhart

Students from the Faculty's Design Computing program, under Dr onacloV and working with Lecturer Michael Bates have participated in a special Design Elective called InterANTARCTICA. The result of this research-led elective is an invitation to exhibit their interactive installation at the Australian National University's, School of Art Gallery for an upcoming exhibit entitled Beginning Middle End.

InterANTARCTICA is an interdisciplinary research project that provides a technological platform for the public to interact, experience and gain vital knowledge about climate change. The installation gives the viewer a feeling of being surrounded by the Antarctica landscape by experiencing multi-modal senses (sight, sound, touch). Inside the space, the viewer hears Antarctic compositions, created by other viewers in real-time audio interaction. By creating sound the viewer engages in an additional interaction by modifying a large-scale visualisation. The interactive environment stimulates a multiple sensory experience.

The result is an entertaining, interactive and visually sophisticated method for conveying critical information about climate change and its effect on Antarctica. The project, led by artist, researcher and lecturer Dr Caitilin de BĂ©rigny Wall (onacloV), and produced in collaboration with the Australian Antarctic Division has allowed students to develop and demonstrate leading skills and knowledge in Tangible User Interface (TUI) technologies. "Students have gained an amazing level of competency in TUI Technology that places them at the forefront of the future of information design, installation art and interaction design," says onacloV. This will be an increasingly important feature of museum displays and education in the future so it is great to prepare students to lead the way in this field."

The exhibition at ANU, Beginning Middle End, focuses on time-based art featuring practice-led research in digital media running from Friday, 18 September. For more information visit and

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