Sculpture by the Sea to exhibit student work

26 October 2009

Master of Architecture Honours student Nicholas Elias has braved Monday's rough weather to set up an imposing structure on Sydney's Tamarama Beach.

Nicholas Elias's work, which forms part of his Honours Thesis, has been selected as one of only three site-specific pieces for the 2009 Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition.

Set in the middle of Tamarama Beach, the minimalist sculpture takes the phasing techniques used by 1960's composer Steve Reich and applies them to an architectural context.

Nicholas, who has completed his Honours dissertation, is justifiably proud of his selection in this prestigious exhibition. "The Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition is a great example of the ways in which Honours work can make the transition from theory to tangible structures, and how research-based design can be at the forefront of architectural thinking in Australia."

Construction of his exhibition piece was completed following an injection of funding from the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning. "I think it is important to support projects such as these that give our students an opportunity to showcase their incredible talents to the community" said the Faculty's Marketing Manager, John Elliott. "We are in the process of formalising a program to fund student works for exhibitions such as this and the recent Vivid Sydney piece Lumenocity, to encourage more students to participate in future years."

Sculpture by the Sea runs from 29 October to 15 November, and includes 114 sculptures set along the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama. About 500,000 people are expected to view the exhibition during its 2½-week run.

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