InterANTARCTICA: Making Climate Change Tangible

17 November 2009

A group of University Design students are exhibiting an innovative interactive exhibition opening this Friday about climate change and Antarctica.

The 14 students (see InterANTARCTICA website) are showing the installation in the Design Lab, this Friday 20th November.The project is led by artist and lecturer onacloV (Dr Caitilin de BĂ©rigny Wall) who, along with sound designer/composer and lecturer Michael Bates, advised the students who created the work in an elective, InterANTARCTICA.

"InterANTARCTICA is an interdisciplinary research project that provides a technological platform for the public to interact, experience and gain knowledge about climate change," says Dr onacloV.

"The installation gives the viewer a feeling of being surrounded by Antarctica landscape by experiencing multiple senses (sight, sound, touch). Inside the museum space, the viewer hears Antarctic compositions, created by other viewers in real-time audio interaction.

Dr onacloV says the result is an entertaining, interactive and a visually sophisticated means for conveying critical information about climate change.

She says the project has allowed students to develop and demonstrate leading skills and knowledge in Tangible User Interface (TUI) technologies. "Students have gained an amazing level of competency in TUI placing them at the forefront of the future of information installation and interaction design."

According to onacloV, installation art is an increasingly important vehicle to help educate the public about climate change.

The launch of the exhibition coincides with the launch of the dot to dot graduate exhibition.

Where: Design Lab, Sentient, Faculty of Architecture. 148 City Road, level 2.
Opening: Friday 20th November, 6pm
Exhibition Dates: 23-26 November, 12-5pm

Contact: John Elliott

Phone: 02 9351 7591

Email: 337f5d0b5e50203a41104e0720114424160d2d692a57055f1933