Metamorphoses opens to acclaim at the Tin Sheds Gallery

13 August 2010

Metamorphoses, an exhibition of models and drawings by Master of Architecture students in the Digital Architecture Research Studio at the University of Sydney was opened on Thursday 5th of August.

The exhibition, curated by Sarah Benton, Chris L Smith and Ross Anderson, follows the narrative of The Metamorphoses through architectural models each depicting a story from one of Ovid's books. As Dr Sarah Benton, coordinator of the Digital Architecture Research Studio, explains, "We formed 15 groups of two students each to deal with the 15 books of the Metamorphoses, plus one group responsible for designing the overall exhibition."

The Metamorphoses, Ovid's classical poem, borrows loosely from ancient Greek and Latin mythology and history to explore the themes of transformation and change in 15 books that between them span from chaos and the creation to the time of Caesar's death.

"After gaining an understanding of their book, students drew inspiration from one of the stories from which a start point could be made for their design. They then made scale models of designs using a range of digital fabrication equipment including Laser Cutters for two dimensional cutting and engraving, Rapid Prototype Printers that generate accurate three-dimensional models, and Milling Machines that carve block materials into three-dimensional forms."

Students constructed all the models in the Architectural and Technical Services Centre within the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, under the expert guidance of Marjo Niemelä.

More than sculptures, the works fostered students' knowledge of architectural design by addressing issues such as function, use and circulation and other real-world conditions. The result is an exquisite collection of models that incorporate a rich palette of materials, including ceramics, timber, metal, glass, plastics, resins and fabrics, presenting architectures of momentum, violence and flux.

The models are supported by an extensive series of posters that document the metamorphosis of each model from initial concept to realisation.The exhibition launch at the iconic Tin Sheds Gallery saw a large crowd and introductory remarks from Associate Professor Chris Smith, Head of the Architecture and Allied Arts Discipline and Terry Smith from the University of Pittsburgh, who in a glowing critique of the work claimed that "having reviewed these works in detail I can not fault any of them."

The Exhibition, a testament to the creative talents of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning's students and the support they receive from staff, will run until August 28. On Thursday, 19th of August, Ross Anderson, Sarah Benton and Chris L Smith will present on the theoretical underpinnings of this student project as part of the Thursday Night Lecture season.

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