Expanded Architecture - International Architecture Film Night

3 November 2010

The Expanded Architecture - International Architecture Film Night will be held at Performance Space, Carriage Works, from 6pm on Saturday, November 6th, as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival.

Curated by Sydney PhD student Sarah Breen Lovett and her supervisor Dr Lee Stickells, the night will feature over 20 short films from a selection of international artists, academics and architect film-makers.

A broad range of architectural film approaches will be shown on the night, from spatial installation films exploring the place of the spectator to investigations of the formal, cultural and phenomenological qualities of architecture; from abstract experiments to quirky narratives. A rare installation of an original London Film-makers Co-op film from 1969 will be a highlight of the evening.

Themes covered in the night include:

  • NARRATIVE films that vary in architectural subject matter, tone, and form but are unified by the use of narrative structure. These are tales of cities, buildings and the life within them.
  • EXPLORATION films primarily concerned with explorations of architecture and cities and that attempt, often in abstract ways, to capture, interpret or evoke phenomenological, experiential, symbolic or affective qualities.
  • STRUCTURAL films exploring the structural aspects of film and/or filmmaking in different ways (often specifically referencing Structuralist film theory and works).
  • DOCUMENTATION films where the focus of the film is to document another work (e.g. a multimedia installation or expanded cinema work) and give a sense of the possibilities beyond single-screen cinema projections.
The film screenings will be followed by a panel discussion featuring experts in the interdisciplinary space between architecture and film, including:
  • Mike Leggett - Founding member of LFMC workshop in the late 60s; film and video artist experimenting with performance and installation, exhibited across Europe, Australia, North and South America; currently researching interactive forms of moving image projection
  • Louise Mackenzie - Director of SONA CINECITY Architecture Film Workshops
  • Dr onacloV - Artist and Academic in Film and Multimedia Installation from Design Lab at the University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Chris Smith - Head of Architecture at The University of Sydney and co-editor of the forthcoming Architecture in the Space of Flows (London, Routledge: 2010)
  • Dr Richard Smith - Film Theorist on phenomenological cinematic subjectivity within the Department of Art History and Film Studies at the University of Sydney
  • Michael Tawa - Professor of Architecture at the University of Sydney and author of Agencies of the Frame: Tectonic Strategies in Cinema and Architecture (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne: 2010.)
The panel discussion will be focused on identifying productive areas of investigation and experimentation within the broad field of "architectural film." The diversity of approaches is aimed at instigating a lively discussion.Sarah Breen Lovett's PhD thesis, also titled EXPANDED ARCHITECTURE, focuses on the intersection of avant-garde film, expanded cinema and architecture.

"Its about how we can re-think architecture in terms of the moving image, in both its representative and experiential forms." Sarah Breen Lovett said. Sarah has exhibited her architectural films and installations in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Dublin and Rome. See

The event has proved so popular it is fully booked with only waiting list places still available. Those wishing to attend should visit and you can see the other multimedia exhibitions on at Carriageworks at the same time.

Contact: John Elliott

Phone: 02 9351 7591

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