After Images Exhibition

11 October 2011

After Images is an exhibition and auction of sketches primarily by Australian architects of Japan, generously donated in support of the Tohoku region's recovery from the devastating earthquakes and tsunami of March this year. The works will be silently auctioned during the event.

The understanding of a 'sketch' is conceptually expanded to include photographs, collages, water-colours, and works in other media which suggest an unmediated, unfinished impression of Japan and its rich culture of ancient and contemporary architecture.

Japan has exercised a significant pull on the Australian architectural imagination and has had both recognised and less well-known influences on successive generations. The ambition is that the sketches will capture this breadth and will collectively depict and trace the often-enigmatic aspects of Japan that have intrigued many Australian architects.

The exhibition of the sketches will be held at the Boutwell Draper Gallery in Sydney as part of the gallery's ongoing Art + Architecture series from Tuesday 25th October to Saturday 29th October, with the auction event on the Friday evening.

The exhibition also features in the Sydney Architecture Festival 2011.

See the offical website for more information.

Contact: Ross Anderson

Phone: 9351 2686

Email: 685d17160f2b13063e570701412e4f5d03525e5c1c3d690e14