Faculty Academic named National Architecture Conference Creative Co-Director for 2013.

21 May 2012

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning academic Professor Sandra Kaji-O'Grady was on Monday appointed as creative co-director for the Australian Institute of Architect's 2013 National Architecture Conference.

Kaji-O'Grady is joined by architect John de Manincor as co-director.

The National Architecture Conference will be held in Melbourne from 30 May - 1 June 2013. The conference theme 'Material' has evolved from Sandra and John's own research into this topic:

'Those working in the industry are all too familiar with traditional building materials. Our intent is to go beyond what is known, to stimulate a reconsideration of 'material'. Given the opposition between the material and the conceptual - between doing and thinking - we want to restore theory to questions of materiality.'

The conference will provide insight into contemporary material experiments and applications, and challenge existing notions of 'materiality'. The guest speakers will reflect - theoretically and practically - on materials in architecture, and will range from leading practitioners to researchers working in material laboratories.

'It is our ambition to deliver new knowledge and current research, as well as that annual injection of inspiration.'

Through their teaching, writing and design practice, Sandra and John have demonstrated a deep commitment to the profession and to the development of its cultural life. They bring complementary views and ideas from their diverse experiences.

'Creative disagreement and discussion about architecture is central to our partnership. We consider debate and open-ended enquiry to be an essential part of architectural culture and are confident that this approach will enrich the 2013 National Architecture Conference.'

You can find out more from the Australian Institute of Architects' [[||website]].

The Faculty heartily congratulates Sandra and John on their appointments and anticipates a rewarding and stimulating conference next year.