Faculty hosts inaugural Biome Symposium

20 August 2012

The 2012 Biome Symposium was held at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning on Saturday 18th of August.

Biome is an interdisciplinary cluster of researchers exploring the shared mathematical languages that inform the approaches of many disciplines.

Co-directed by Dr. Dagmar Reinhardt, Dr. Martin Tomitsch, Dr. Lian Loke and Dr. Oliver Bown, the symposium was an opportunity for fellow researchers to collaborate on understanding this unique approach to research.

Dagmar Reinhardt, who opened the symposium with a keynote presentation, said that Biome is a forum for the discovery of new research connections.

"It was a fabulous experience to listen to and perceive the concepts that drive each of our work. To discover the links between our disparate research and to unearth the logics that bind us together was an astounding experience," Reinhardt said.

Biome premises that there is a mathematical logic to the natural world and that this mathematics - whether it is algorithms, swarm patterns, golden proportions or other systematic structures - informs our work as creators.

The 2012 symposium was the inaugural event for what is anticipated to become an annual highlight in the field of cross-disciplinary research. The works presented at the symposium represent the breadth of research that feeds from this novel understanding of invisible logics.

The organisers would like to invite those interested in this field to contact them to discuss future opportunities for collaboration. A series of video documentaries from this year's exhibition is anticipated to be available online from October. These videos retain and share the knowledge presented at the symposium and may inspire other researchers to consider their work from this emergent perspective.

You can read more about the Biome research cluster on their website,

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