A 30 Year Public Transport Plan for Sydney

13 August 2009
Planning Research Centre
Planning Research Centre

Sydney has suffered in the last decade from the lack of a comprehensive and well-supported plan for public transport. Sydney has already missed out on the first round of infrastructure Australia funding, and is in danger of losing its world city status as its transport performance falls behind our competitors. With the challenges of peak oil and global warming looming, the time is ripe for such a plan. Dr Garry Glazebrook puts forward his views on how such a plan can be developed, and some of its key components, including options for finance and implementation.

About the speaker:

Dr Garry Glazebrook is a well-known transport planner and commentator in Sydney. He has over thirty years' experience in government and consulting, particularly in transport, and teaches at the University of Technology Sydney in urban planning. He has a particular passion for making Sydney's transport systems more sustainable, and was a member of the steering committee of the Warren Centre's project on Sustainable Transport for a Sustainable Sydney. He has published widely on various aspects of transport including the economics of different modes, and has spent the last six months developing an integrated transport plan for Sydney.

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Location: ALT1, Wilkinson Building, 148 City Road, The University of Sydney

Cost: This is a free event

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