Digital Artist in Residence Exhibition

11 July 2007 to 13 July 2007

Maria Mencia, the Digital Artist in Residence, in collaboration with undergraduate Bachelor of Design Computing students Lilian Roby andAlexander Szekely have finished digital artworks in the area of digital poetics. These works have been originated at the master class based on Mencia's research on the area of the in- between the visual, the auraland the textual in interactive digital art/poetics, interlaced textualities, generative writing and the use of technologies to develop concepts from visual/sound poetics.

Two works will be on display in The Sentient, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney, from 11-13 July, 2007. We invite you to come, view and play with the works.

Accidental Meaning
By breaking up the meanings of words, a textuality is created by random juxtaposed words. Their accidental position produce new relationships and in doing so, an ongoing process of meanings and connections.

When the screen is blank: click the mouse (i.e., touch the panel) twice to start.
The second mouse click will display an array of words.
Click again to see the curve and colour that connect the words, which define that particular word.
Click on 'activated words' and they will take you to other connections.

Speech-Sound Generated Visual Poems
In this piece three distinctive discourse systems are coming together: speech, writing and code.

The visual poems are generated by different speech properties, the programming code and the language. The usually invisible-code which creates the poems becomes the visualization of the poems. Based on the tradition of concrete poems, its representation and production Silence also plays a part to stop and start the poems.

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Location: The Sentient, Level 2, Wilkinson Building

Cost: Free

Contact: Andy Dong

Email: 0e193324392f770d04355e4127112c374d290f3169310d