Study Results from University of Sydney Broaden Understanding of Bacillus subtilis

12 January 2012

VerticalNews reported that the Sydney University research team of Raja Mahanama, Aydin Berenjian, Dr John Kavanagh and A/Prof Fariba Dehghani have completed studies which resulted in significant increase in Vitamin Menaquinone-7! "Menaquinone-7 (MK-7), plays a significant role on preventing osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases", Natto, the richest known source of MK-7, is traditionally produced via Solid Substrate Fermentation (SSF) by Bacillus subtilis on cooked soy beans. "Our researchers reported a threefold increase in MK-7 concentration through the use of a mixture of soy protein granules and nixtamalized corn grits using response surface methodology approach" this value is the highest concentration reported so far!

Contact: Raja Mahanama

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