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August 2012
Laboratory for Multiscale Systems receives grant for carbon capture research   View Summary
20 August 2012
Abbas with partner Assoc. Prof. Chiesa at Masdar Instituteâs pilot solar facilities.The Laboratory for Multiscale Systems, led by Dr Ali Abbas, has received a grant from Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research & Development to undertake research on post-combustion carbon capture processes. The funding will bring together a multi-disciplinary team from The University of Sydney, Masdar Institute and Delta Electricity who are experts in modelling, optimal design and operation of post-combustion carbon capture technologies looking to synthesise and evaluate highly-integrated processes for clean coal power generation with low emissions of CO2.
January 2012
Study Results from University of Sydney Broaden Understanding of Bacillus subtilis    View Summary
12 January 2012
Raja Mahanama in the LaboratoryVerticalNews reported that the Sydney University research team of Raja Mahanama, Aydin Berenjian, Dr John Kavanagh and A/Prof Fariba Dehghani have completed studies which resulted in significant increase in Vitamin Menaquinone-7