ARC Grants for Civil Staff

20 November 2011

The School is pleased to announce the following successful ARC Discovery and Linkage Grants:

John Patterson
John Patterson

Patterson, Prof John C; MacIntyre, Prof Sally

Flow and transport in the near shore regions of lakes and reservoirs $410,000

This project will develop an understanding of the motions in the near shore region of lakes and reservoirs resulting from the effects of the changes in depth on heating and cooling. The result will be a relationship between the meteorological conditions and the net transport between the shore and the interior of the lake or reservoir.

Itai Einav
Itai Einav

Einav, A/Prof Itai; Gan, Dr Yixiang

The micro-mechanical origins of creep in granular materials $350,000

Creep in granular materials is a concern for many problems in technology and science, including long-term deformations of reservoir dams and sudden instabilities along earthquake faults. This project aims to describe the fine-scale origins of granular creep, as a basis for solving problems of much larger-scale in geomechanics and geophysics.

Ranjith, A/Prof Pathegama G; Airey, A/Prof David W; Choi, Dr Sing-Ki X; Viete, Dr Daniel R; Haque, Dr Asadul

Geological sequestration of carbon dioxide in deep saline aquifers: coupled flow-mechanical considerations $330,000.00

Deep saline aquifers have been routinely proposed as sites for long-term, large-scale storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as an option to assist the abatement of global warming. This project investigates expected engineering behaviour of deep saline aquifer reservoirs and their stability following CO2 sequestration.

David Airey
David Airey

Jaksa, A/Prof Mark B; Airey, A/Prof David W

Impact of rolling dynamic compaction $320,000.00

The project will lead to improved understanding and greater use of rolling dynamic compaction (RDC). RDC is a relatively new compaction technique that can be used to improve soft and derelict ground prior to the construction of roads, railways, subdivisions and structures. This project will also lead to greatly reduced ground improvement costs.

Hao Zhang
Hao Zhang

Rasmussen, Prof Kim J; Zhang, Dr Hao; Clarke, Dr Murray J; Yang, Dr Demao; Berry, Dr Paul A

Seismic behaviour of drive-in steel storage racks $202,489

The purpose of this project is to study the behaviour, analysis and design of drive-in steel storage racks in an earthquake event. The main research outcome is the development of scientifically-based guidelines for the safe design of drive-in racks in seismic regions.