ARC Linkage Grant for Dr Dong-Sheng Jeng in Coastal Engineering

10 July 2006

Dong-Sheng Jeng
Dong-Sheng Jeng

The School congratulates Dr Dong-Sheng Jeng for being awarded an ARC Linkage Grant for the project Port Stephens Flood Tide Delta: Shoreline Management Issues.

ARC Linkage Grants involve considerable interaction and cooperation with industry partners. For this project the partners are

  • NSW Department of Natural Resources
  • Great Lake Council
  • Post Stephens Council
  • DHI Water & Environment Pty Ltd
  • Jimmys Beach Association

This is a large project that will involve a new postdoctoral (APDI) researcher, Dr A Vila Concejo, and two PhD (APAI) scholarships.

ARC Funding (below) is supplemented by cash and in-kind support from the industry partners.

2006 : $61,820
2007 : $123,640
2008 : $123,640
2009 : $61,820

The results of this project will contribute substantially to the knowledge of flood tide delta morphodynamics and specifically to those deltas exposed to ocean waves which are most typical throughout eastern and southern Australia. The model generated by the project will be used to test solutions to the problems in Port Stephens and more generally to similar systems elsewhere in Australia. The model will permit the assessment of the responses of the deltas and shoreline to climate change, changing wave climate and reinvigorated sediment budgets, thereby addressing National Research Priority Responding to climate change and variability. The project will provide training for one APDI and two APAIs in a range of skills.