Kim Rasmussen the new Head of School

31 December 2004

We are pleased to report that ProfessorKim Rasmussen has been appointed as Head of the School of Civil Engineering from January 1 2005.

A/Professor Rasmussen graduated M.Sc.Eng. from the Technical University of Denmark in 1982 and completed his Ph.D. in Thin-walled columns at The University of Sydney in 1989.

Appointed to the staff of the Department of Civil Engineering in that year, Professor Rasmussen was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1994 and Associate Professor in 1999.

A/Professor Rasmussen has researched prolifically, with 60 Journal papers and 73 conference papers to his credit. He has completed 46 Investigation Reports, has a wide range of international contacts and is connected with various committees in the fields of steel storage racks and aluminium structures.

His appointment will bring a new direction to the activities of the Department, together with the proposed new appointments to the staff in 2005.

Kim's research, teaching and service achievements were also recently rewarded by his promotion to Professor which will also take effect on January 1, 2005.

Kim Rasmussen
Kim Rasmussen