Gianluca Ranzi awarded ARC Grant for Research into Composite Steel Concrete Beams

9 November 2005

Gianluca Ranzi
Gianluca Ranzi

Dr Gianluca Ranzi and Dr Zora Vrcelj (from UNSW) have received an ARC Discovery Grant for Long Term Behaviour Of Composite Steel Concrete Beams And Its Effect On Composite Dynamic Response.

The funding is
2006 : $110,000
2007 : $90,000
2008 : $90,000

Composite steel concrete construction has proven to be a most prolific area of research over the last few decades with Australian researchers at the forefront in the field internationally. Despite this and the great significance of the problem to the Australian building industry (in 2000 2001 alone Australia spent 17.5 billion dollars on heavy engineering infrastructure development), there appears to be no systematic study of time effects, such as creep and shrinkage, on the static and dynamic response of composite beams. This project will explore these phenomena, both theoretically and experimentally, leading to development of valuable theoretical models and design aids for practicing engineers.