Teaching Equipment Grant Success for Dr Tim Finnigan

5 January 2006

Tim Finnigan
Tim Finnigan

We congratulate Tim Finnigan, who has received a Sesqui Teaching Equipment Grant for new equipment in our Fluids Lab.

This grant funding will support the first phase of refurbishment of the Fluids Laboratory in the Department of Civil Engineering for the purposes of teaching and learning. An overall strategic plan for the laboratory is currently in development and will include long term objectives for both teaching and research. The first phase involves refurbishing the four existing undergraduate experiments and adding two new experiments, which will be used by senior undergraduates and post-graduates enrolled in new course units in Environmental Fluids.

The existing experiments will be refurbished by refitting them with new components. The existing experiments, which are used by first and second year undergraduates, will maintain a focus on classical fluid mechanics and manual measurement methods. These are most beneficial to students that are observing and learning the principles of fluid mechanics. The new experiments, which will be used by senior undergraduates and postgraduates, will focus on environmental applications and will involve modern computer-based measurement and analysis methods.

In general, the fluids laboratory will be used by both undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in Civil Engineering units. The postgraduate units will aim to draw students from other departments and faculties, as well as industry. Therefore, the facilities will have university-wide benefits. No less than six separate course units will involve some laboratory component that utilises the facilities. The students in these courses will emerge with a sound understanding of the principles of fluid mechanics and methods of experimentation and measurement. These skills will be useful in a wide range of career options.