Year 10 See it all on Discovering Engineering Day

21 April 2006

On April 21 this week, over 60 Year 10 students from around the city visited Engineering at The University of Sydney as part of our regular Discovering Engineering Day.

The Faculty of Engineering has recognised that it is extremely difficult for Year 10 students to understand the differences between the various streams of Engineering and how they differ from Science. We have therefore developed Discovering Engineering Day.

The Discovering Engineering Day Program was developed in 2004 and aims to provide high achieving high school students (in Year 10), especially those in Maths and Science, with an opportunity to experience the various engineering streams in order to gain a greater understanding of the differences between each area, and engineering generally. This day was offered for the first time in 2004 and has been extremely valuable to all participants. Students who participated in the program were introduced to the different specialisations, made new friends with similar interests and were exposed to some of the possibilities that exist after school as a potential university student.

Students at the Civil Engineering session of Discovering Engineering Day
Students at the Civil Engineering session of Discovering Engineering Day

Ginaluca Ranzi, assisted by postgrad students David Cao, Derrick Yap, and Benoit Gilbert, gave a brief lecture on bridges and how they work. Students then had a 20 minute competition to build the best incrementally launched bridge from just straws and pins.

The School also hosted a similar number of students as part of the Degree in a Day initiative this week.