Well Done to the Class of 2006

26 May 2006

Friday May 26 marked an important day in the careers of nearly 100 young men and women who graduated with their civil engineering degrees.

The day began with a special breakfast in the newly renovated Civil Engineering Drawing Office. This location was specifically chosen, since it was partly due to a petition signed by many of the Class of 2006 that allowed the School to obtain the funds to update the room with the latest technology for teaching. Head of School, Professor Kim Rasmussen thanked the graduands for their involvement in this task.

Speeches were given by George Mariasson, President of the Civil Engineering Graduates Association, and Steve Baker, Vice President of the Civil Engineering Foundation.

Finally students who had acheived academic excellence and had received prizes during the degree were given certificates.

Students then made their way to the Great Hall for the Graduation Cermony and received their degrees from the Chancellor. Special congratulations goes to Nishmin Khambatta, who graduated with first class honours and the University Medal. The Occassional Address was given by Bill Mansell, who had was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering during the cermony.

Smiles all round were seen as the Academic Procession left the Great Hall fallowed by the new graduates as the university organist played the Star Wars them, in recognition of the Aerospace engineers who had graduated at the same time.