Andrew Caska: The Stanford Connection

12 May 2006

Andrew Caska
Andrew Caska

PhD Student Andrew Caska recently visited the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at Stanford University California USA. The 3 month visit was organised in conjunction with supervisor Tim Finnigan to give Andrew exposure to one of the best fluid mechanics laboratories in the world.

"The trip was an incredible experience to go and work at Stanford, rated in the top 5 universities in the world. The lab was phenomenal with everything from a laser PIV system and diving equipment to an AUV equipped to take field measurements of stratified flow. The scale of the field experiments was very impressive with up to 20 students, several staff and at least a few sizeable motor yachts involved in some projects. I was able to converse with leading experts in my field and gain exposure to a wide range of fluid mechanics research. I thank the people at Stanford, Tim Finnigan and the School of Civil Engineering for the support to make this all happen"