JJC Bradfield listed in "100 Most Influential Australians"

26 May 2006

One of our most famous graduates, JJC Bradfield, designer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, was today named in The Bulletin magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential Australians.

The Bulletin wrote:
The man they call the father of the Sydney Harbour Bridge joined the NSW Public Works Department in 1891 and stayed until retiring in 1933. Time enough to lay the basis for modern Sydney's transport system. Bradfield proposed and oversaw construction of the underground rail system, electrification of suburban rail lines, and of what poet Dorothy Green dubbed "the coathanger". He first submitted designs for a single-span bridge in 1912, and when it opened in 1932 it was Bradfield's name which was honoured on its approaches and the roadway. Of equally lasting influence has been his plan for irrigating inland Queensland by diverting water from dammed rivers on the coastal side of the Great Dividing Range via a series of tunnels.

Source: The Bulletin Magazine