ARC Grant Success for David Airey

11 October 2006

David Airey
David Airey

The School is please to announce that A/Prof David Airey is one of the researchers involved in a shared Linkage - Infrastructure, Equipment & Facilities grant awarded by the ARC.

The project is titled "Advanced Testing Facility for Geological Sequestration of Greenhouse Gases" and involves collaboration between Monash University, The University of Sydney, and The University of Melbourne.

Project Summary:

Predicted climate changes can cause disastrous impacts on nation's human health, agriculture, infrastructure and natural ecosystems. The reduction of greenhouse emissions as required by Kyoto Protocol while protecting Australian industries and jobs is a massive challenge. The long-term sequestration of CO2 in deep geological formations is considered to be the most viable solution. This technology, however, is at its infancy and a concerted national research effort is urgently required. The multi-user Facility will enable closer collaboration with researchers in academia and industry, and will be integral in training the next generation of Australian scientists in the geological sequestration and wealth from the earth and the ocean..