ARC Grant Success for Itai Einav

11 October 2006

Itai Einav
Itai Einav

The School is please to announce that Senior Lecturer, Dr Itai Einav, has been awarded a 3 year ARC Discovery Grant to study "The micro-thermo-mechanics of sand crushing in geotechnical collapse problems".

Project Summary:

Oil and gas exploration is a major industry in Australia. Collapse problems in the soil to which structures such as oil rigs are anchored are a major challenge, involving issues of safety, longevity and maintenance. Research on this topic has been devoted to non-crushable sands, but Australia's offshore seabed is rich in breakable calcareous sediments. We will create a novel theory and visualisation techniques that will allow us to gain a deep understanding of sand crushing and will be a major step towards minimising the occurrence of catastrophic failures in the offshore oil and gas industry.


2007: $100000

2008: $90000

2009: $90000