Worldwide delegates visit as part of IFED2007

15 January 2008

Stuart Reid was responsible for organising IFED2007
Stuart Reid was responsible for organising IFED2007

Associate Professor Stuart Reid was responsible for organising the recent IFED2007 Forum on "Optimal strategies for disaster and hazard mitigation" at Port Stephens, just north of Sydney.

IFED is the International Forum on Engineering Decision Making. IFED is sponsored and organized by the Five-University Consortium on Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Making in Engineering

The Five-University Consortium on uncertainty, risk, and decision making in engineering organizes, manages, and sponsors the International forums. The Consortium guarantees that all forums are international, non-profit and disconnected from specific professional organizations. The Consortium consists of the following five Universities spread over four continents:

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
  • University of Calgary, Canada
  • University of Newcastle, Australia
  • University of Tokyo, Japan
  • University of Sydney, Australia

IFED's Mission Statement is to explore critical issues, to share exciting developments, and to stimulate new initiatives in engineering decision making and risk analysis for engineering systems, by:

  • organising on a regular basis open international forums that focus on specific themes
  • providing a widely accessible publication of the contributions and of the conclusions of such forums.

The five Universities are committed to support IFED and to assist in the organisation and the management of the forums. The Consortium maintains a fully informative IFED web page. Each university is represented by one member on the Advisory Council of IFED. The Consortium will from time to time reconsider and/or expand its membership.

Stuart Reid organised the 2007 Forum held at Port Stephens, just north of Sydney, in December 2007. Previous fora have been held in Canada and Switzerland. Delegates flew in from around the globe for this important international meeting.


Souce: IFED webpage.