ARC Linkage Success for Kim Rasmussen

29 May 2008

Kim Rasmussen
Kim Rasmussen

Professor Kim Rasmussen has just been awarded an ARC Linkage grant to research High strength formwork systems in collaboration with Boral Formwork and Scaffolding.

Project summary: The project will lead to new formwork systems which are safer, stronger and quicker to erect. The systems will rely on scientific investigations to minimise the risk of structural collapse and associated cost to community. The systems are innovative and combine advanced technology to produce a superior product with strong export potential and capacity to raise the level of efficiency in the national market. The project will also develop advanced analysis and design methods for formwork systems which can be applied more generally to advance Australian engineers' position as world leaders in innovative structural design.

The industry partner is Boral Formwork and Scaffolding Pty Ltd.

This project will involve two research scholarships (APA-I) for PhD students.


2008: $37,500
2009: $75,000
2010: $75,000

An example of scaffolding
An example of scaffolding