Itai Einav wins Faculty Research Award

29 May 2008

The Dean of Engineering and Information Technologies, Prof Greg Hancock, has recently announced the winners of the Faculty teaching and research awards for 2007.

Faculty-wide awards are given for Research and Teaching, plus additional awards in each School for Teaching.

Itai was recognised for the special journal article:

Itai Einav
Itai Einav

"Soil Mechanics: Breaking Ground"which has been published in a special, triennial issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, entitled Visions of the Future by Young Scientists: Chemistry and Engineering.

Itai has been developing a revolutionary new approach to soil mechanics - which can be easily transferred to any field of granular or particle mechanics. This innovative approach is called breakage mechanics. The potential of this has been recognised by the Royal Society, who invited Itai to be one of the few non-UK researchers to make a contribution to its special edition.

Itai's inspiration for breakage mechanics was originally as a new way of approaching how to model the crushing behaviour of materials such as tiny particles of sand. But this new theory has many more wide ranging applications such as earthquakes, pharmaceutical production, and minerals handling.

In a second paper to be published by the Royal Society, Itai explains how this new theory parallels the important work of Alan Griffith, often regarded as the father of fracture mechanics.