Summer Break Research Scholarships

11 November 2008

The first annual application round for the Summer Break Research Scholarship introduced by The School of Civil Engineering in June 2008 closed on 10 October 2008 with a more than pleasing result.

The School received 8 high level applications of which 7 qualified for the actual award of the scholarship.

The selection committee, chaired by A/Prof Itai Einav, assessed the applications and considered among other criteria, the quality of the applicant and academic record relative to opportunity and stage of their studies as well as the significance and innovative potential of the project proposal.

We congratulate: Mr Thomas Miller, Mr Daniel Reyes, Mr Nathan Hanley, Mr Gerard Taig, Ms Guien Miao, Mr Benjy Marks and Mr Walid Haidar on their successful applications and wish them well for their research projects!

Summer-Break-Research Scholarships are available for interested 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students of all faculties of the University of Sydney to undertake research projects with The School of Civil Engineering during the summer break of their studies. They are valued at $ 4,500.00 over a period of 12 weeks starting from 01 January 2009.