New appointments in Environmental Fluids

3 April 2009

The School has great pleasure toannounce thatour recentoffers made to applicants for Environmental Fluids position in Civil have now been accepted. The following people will join staff over the next 6 months:

  • Prof John Patterson (start date 20 July)
  • A/Prof Chengwang Lei (start date 21 September)
  • Dr Federico Maggi (tentative start date 1 July)
  • Dr Steve Cochard (tentative start date 1 July)

John Patterson has a nationally and internationally recognised research record and has received numerous ARC grants over the years. He has also served on ARC panels. John is currently leading the Fluids Group at James Cook University and will assume leadership of the new Fluids and Environmental Group in our School.

Chengwang Lei also comes from James Cook University where he has worked with John Patterson for the last 10 years.

Federico Maggi is currently at the University of California and Steve Cochard is at the University of British Colombia.

They all have interests in experimental fluid mechanics andthe schoolanticipates we will see many new exciting developments in the Fluids Laboratory over the years to come.

They also have interests in analytical and numerical fluids mechanics, and complementary abilities that will allow the Group to span to new cross-disciplinary research areas.

Head of School, Kim Rasmussen says "I'm very excited about our new Fluids and Environmental Group and the prospect of many exciting research and teaching initiatives to come from the Group."