School Teaching Award to Tim Wilkinson

14 April 2009

Tim Wilkinson
Tim Wilkinson

The Dean of Engineering and Information Technologies, Prof Greg Hancock, has recently announced the winners of the Faculty teaching and research awards for 2008.

Faculty-wide awards are given for Research and Teaching, plus additional awards in each School for Teaching.

The School of Civil Engineering Teaching Award wasgiven to Dr Tim Wilkinson. Hewill receive a certificate, andfunding support for approved University activities such as travel.

Tim writes .....

"I base my philosophy of teaching to L&T on respect. Respect for students involves a student centred and organised professional approach by including:

  • An understanding of the prior knowledge of students by developing a curriculum that incorporates sessions on assumed knowledge, and complements and strengthens the content of previous courses. The syllabus emphasizes how students can use their existing knowledge to understand new concepts.
  • An appreciation of the variety of skill levels of students by having a clear set of expectations and standards in which all students can achieve a pass grade, with extensions to allow for distinction grades.
  • A variety of teaching media, focusing primarily on professionally created lecture notes which require interaction and involvement of the students during lectures, complemented by formative and summative assessment tasks, with solutions and answers available on line.

One of the best indicators of impact on student learning outcomes is the interest students show in subsequent related courses, and their desire to continue studying within that discipline. With increased electivity introduced to the civil engineering degree program over the past 5 years, the relative proportion of students taking structural engineering electives, particularly structures theses has increased from previous years. This has been achieved by a significant effort across all structural engineering courses over the past few years, in which I have made a major contribution."