Welcome to Anirban De

30 July 2009

We welcome Anirban De on sabbatical from Manhattan College, New York, USA who will researching and teaching in geotechnical engineering. 


Anirban De
Anirban De

Anirban specializes in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. His professional expertise is in geotechnical investigation, analysis, and design related to solid and hazardous waste disposal sites (landfills). He started my career working for a major geoenvironmental consulting firm, where he was involved in the design and construction of landfills in several states. 



His research interest is in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.  He has conducted research into various aspects of landfill design, such as geosynthetics, slope stability, seismic response, settlement, and contaminant migration.



In a recently-concluded study sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), he used a geotechnical centrifuge to study the effects of surface explosions on  underground structures. He is part of an ongoing study (also funded by the NSF) attempting to characterize the effects of an earthquake on layered soil below ground surface, using instruments embedded in the ground.


He teaches geotechnical engineering courses at the undergraduate (Junior and Senior) level , as well as at the graduate (M.S.) level, and during his sabbatical he will be lecturing our 4th year Environmental Geotechnics unit.


We welcome Anirban during his stay at Sydney.