Early Career Researcher and Major Equipment Grants to promote research

10 October 2009

Steve Cochard
Steve Cochard

Congratulations go to some of our colleagues for their recent ECR (Early Career Reseacher) and MES (Major Equipment Scheme) grant application success.

Federico Maggi has been awarded an ECR grant for his project "Understanding Turbulenceinduced flocculation of biomass affected suspended sediment". Federico will receive $30,000.

Steve Cochard has been successful in his ME application for "YAG Laser/optics/synchronizer/camera & mounts". Steve will receive $43,000.

Gwénaëlle Proust along with Liao Xiao Zhou from AMME will receive an ME grant for $37,000 for the purchase of "Model 691 precision ion polishing system with a cold stage".

Project Summary: Understanding Turbulence-Induced Flocculation of Biomass-Affected Suspended Sediment - Federico Maggi

Federico Maggi
Federico Maggi

The aim of this project is to understand the flocculation dynamics of suspended sediment and micro-organisms by means of experimental observations and mathematical modeling. A flocculation reactor will be used with a micro Particle Image Velocimetry system to study the time evolution of aggregate fractal geometry, size and settling velocity distributions, the interaction between minerals and micro-organisms, and the aggregation and breakup kinematics under various sediment concentrations, turbulence shears, pH, and nutrient loads. The project is also aimed at describing biomineral SPM dynamics with mathematical models that will be used in conjunction with the experimental data.

The grant awarded to this project ($30000) by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, The University of Sydney, makes possible to improve our understanding and prediction capabilities of the complicate interplay between water flow, cohesive minerals and microorganisms dynamics. The outputs and outcomes of this project will have direct application to hydraulics and hydrology, water quality and management, and belong to the wider effort of our Environmental Fluids team to assess the repercussions of human activities and global water and soil changes on the ecosystem.