Research news: Benoit's rack test reach a conclusion

23 June 2009

Benoit Gilbert
Benoit Gilbert

After some years of intensive testing work in the structure lab, Benoit Gilbert performed his last Storage rack test in front of an impressed crowd.

The test was recorded by the high speed camera and consisted of pulling at mid-span on one of the rack upright until one of the pallet dropped through. There is currently little understanding of the mechanisms involved in the failure of storage racks and the test results help improving research and contributing to industrial safety.

Despite a difficult start, the test was a complete success as failure of the rack was achieved and one pallet dropped through before being restrained by a safety structure.

The rack is now dismantled (thanks to the technical officers and their good work) and the northern end of the lab is now again available for testing. So, be quick it won't last.

Benoit has also published 5 research reports on his latest work.Visit our publication site to download these reports in PDF.

Benoit is now looking forward to his graduation and we wish him all the best for his future challenges and for securing a post-doctoral position.