Villawood East Public School students travel back in time

22 November 2012

Students from Villawood East PS became historical detectives for a day when they visited the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney to learn more about ancient civilizations. It was Villawood East PS' first visit to the Nicholson Museum since becoming a Compass partner school this year. The Nicholson Museum is home to the largest collection of antiquities in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, so there are plenty of fascinating artefacts for students to explore.

Students travelled back in time to find out more about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, including the mummification rituals of the Egyptians. They also had a chance to see a special LEGO display depicting the Colosseum! The display is the largest ever LEGO model of Rome's famous Colosseum, and is constructed from a quarter of a million bricks.

That's not the end of it - Compass volunteers visited the school the next week to spend an hour of their school day talking about Ancient Egyptian mythology and the profession of archaeology for the Museum post-lesson. Volunteers Hannah, Anna, Priscilla and Stephanie delivered the one-hour lesson covering topics including the journey to the afterlife and Egyptian amulets. Volunteers were very impressed by how much the students had remembered from their visit, as well as their curiosity to know more.

The post-lesson was delivered as part of Compass' 3-Phase Program, an enriched learning program that started last year. The core of the program is an excursion for students to visit a University of Sydney museum or event, and their experiences during this visit are consolidated during a teacher-led pre-lesson and the volunteer-led post-lesson. There is a particular emphasis throughout the program on drawing connections to higher education. Compass volunteers are able to deliver post-lessons through the Classroom Activity Facilitators volunteer program.

Thanks to Villawood East Public School for welcoming our volunteers so warmly, and thanks to Hannah, Anna, Priscilla and Stephanie for doing a great job on the day. For more information about becoming a Compass volunteer, please visit our website.