The Hall of Fame

14 December 2012

Thirteen movies produced by students who participated in the Compass Film Production & Editing and Stop Motion Animation program made their world premiere at the 2012 Compass Showcase in the iconic Great Hall, University of Sydney. The much anticipated debut screening presented films from thirteen Compass partner schools, including one regional school.

Students and teachers have worked tirelessly to produce the films and Compass is proud to present their productions. The films in the 2012 hall of fame are:

Primary School

  • The New Girl by Wattawa Heights Public School
    The New Girl follows the adventures of an extraterrestrial visitor who is enrolled into a typical Australian primary school. Her alien origins are a secret to all, but her amazing powers make her fellow students wonder that there's something strange about this person.
  • Max and the Water Bombs by Athelstane Public School
    This is a story about a boy called Max who gets into trouble, throwing water bombs at his friends and Principal. An earthquake occurs at the school and Max saves students and becomes a hero.
  • Time Travel by Bexley Public School
    Students discover a commemorative plaque underneath the school bell. When they touch the plaque, they are sent spinning into a time warp and travel to the year 1887 for the school's opening.
  • A medley of short animations by Kogarah Public School
    Eureka: this story is about a family who go prospecting for gold but a bushranger appears. What will happen next?
    Into the Future: a miner travels in time from the gold rush and meets a monster!
    Ned Kelly: two miners find gold but Ned Kelly has other ideas!
    The Bushrangers: follow the story of three miners as they discover gold, only to have it stolen from them by bushrangers. Will they be able to get it back without finding themselves in strife?!
    Gold Zombie: a miner has spent his life prospecting for gold without ever finding any. One morning he drowns but interestingly his hand lives on!!
    The Battle for Gold: this story is about a bunch of ruthless miners who start a war with some soldiers over the cost of a gold license. Do they win the battle?
  • A medley of short animations by Condell Park Public School
    Day Gone Wrong: the story of a huge earthquake that turns a pleasant village into a ghost town.
    Map to Find Treasure: a brave group of friends that set out on an adventure to find a hidden treasure chest.
    The Gold Find: a dangerous quest to find gold, deep within the earth's crust. The Tsunami: a group of friends on holiday nearly lose their lives as their paradise is washed away by a huge tsunami.

High School

  • Adventure of Argon by Marickville Intensive English Centre
    Argon travels into outer space where he encounters mean aliens. Will he be able to return home?
  • Strange Picnic by Kogarah Intensive English Centre
    A group of friends having a party anger the tree spirit, who sends them to the Underworld!
  • Alien Invasion by Sir Joseph Banks High School
    A farmer and his wife live peacefully on their small farm until one day aliens invade! Follow their plight as they have to fight the aliens in order to save their farm and each other.
  • Marrickville High Together by Marrickville High School
    Together, we stand proud of our school. Year 10 Drama from Marrickville High School.
  • A medley of short animations by Fairfield High School
    Tree Story: a praying mantis is transformed when he drinks a magic potion.
    Dance off Bugs: insect vs. Insect - a bug school dance off! The best dancing bug is named the champion of all dancing bugs.
    Ruby's Dream: Ruby the ladybug, dreams she can fly through space and touch the stars.
  • The Future of Earth by Condell Park High School
    A scientist's desperate attempt to save the earth from total collapse.
  • The Hacker by Westfields Sports High School
    A story of a school under siege. The students must solve puzzles and find clues to escape.
  • A medley of short animations by Dubbo Senior College
    The Box and the Girl: a tale of romance and isolation. A box finds love, only for his dream girl to disappear.
    Hearts: love is not what you expect, it is not like the movies.
    Lost and Found: drew breaks free from reality and finds inner happiness where he can discover his true self.

You can now watch the final cut of all the Primary movies and High School movies on Compass website. Enjoy!