Teachers love to be students for the day

11 March 2013

Compass' Film Program professional development sessions were held recently on February 14 and 19. A mix of new teachers embarking on the program and returning teachers adding to their skills repertoire led to the production of some of the best one-day films yet in the program's four-year history. These teachers will be integrating Compass' Film Production & Editing or Stop Motion Animation programs into their classrooms over one term in 2013, and the PD day is their first chance to get hands on!

Joining the program in 2013 is Katy Lumkin, Head Teacher E-Learning National Partnerships at Liverpool Girls High School. Of the training day, Katy said: "To actually have a block of time to explore, immerse and evaluate was extremely valuable to our classroom practice. The way that [Compass] provided a context for the program gave us a good insight into how higher education can build partnerships with schools." Katy and her colleagues also built an incredible claymation horse and rider, and are looking forward to helping their students' imaginations run wild!

The teachers' willingness to become students for the day, schools' cooperation in making the teachers available, and the University's help in providing a properly equipped workspace all go in to making these brief but essential training days run. They come about because of the partnership we continue to build together, and this year, we appreciated the support of the Digital Media Unit in the School of Letters, Arts, and Media. Sharing their resources and expertise with us were Manager Phil Glenn and Digital Technology Officer Marc Fernando.

The Film Production & Editing and Stop Motion Animation programs are facilitated by Jack McGrath, lecturer at the Sydney College of the Arts at the University of Sydney. As ever, the main word used to describe Jack on the day was 'fantastic'! To learn more about the Film Programs, see the other stories on our website.