Shakespeare? Yes. Boring? No!

4 September 2009

Back in July, the Social Inclusion Unit received an email from Curtis Dickson, a University of Sydney student who had been inspired by a presentation where he learned about the University's Compass program. Curtis explained that he was a member of the Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS) and that he felt that SUDS' upcoming production might appeal to high school students studying Shakespeare.

In a huge response to the first ever SUDS matinee performance delivered especially for students involved in the Compass program, 90 Year 9 students and staff from Marrickville and Kogarah High Schools were delighted by the feats of just three actors delivering 37 plays condensed into two hilarious acts with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).

Students witnessed the dark and brooding Othello told through rap, the psychology of Hamlet explored through manic audience participation, Romeo and Juliet performed by two men who didn't want to kiss each other and the tragedy of Macbeth performed in "perrrfect Scawtesh ach-sents"! The verdict from students and teachers were unanimous, Curtis and his SUDS comrades delivered on SUDS' promise to deliver the Complete Works of Shakespeare in a way that is both fun and accessible for audiences.

Therese Kean, English Teacher at Kogarah High School, said, "The afternoon was wonderful. The students loved being on campus and thoroughly enjoyed the play. My colleague and I couldn't stop laughing!" As for Curtis and his fellow actors they "felt it was such a rewarding experience and unlike anything we'd ever done before."

Photo of Sydney University Dramatic Society's performance of Shakespeare's works
Photo of Sydney University Dramatic Society's performance of Shakespeare's works

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