Aiming for the moon

1 September 2009

Chris Johnson, Principal of Athelstane Public School, presented a greatanalogy on her recent radio broadcast on ABC Radio National when she saidthat students can't aim for the moon if they don't know it exists.

Over the next month Compass be welcoming students from our partner primary and high schools on their first visit the University - a moon station, ifyou will - to spend a day exploring and learning with what the university isabout.

Year 3 and 4 students from Athelstane and Kogarah Primary schoolswill have their first taste of university with a bus tour of the campus anda visit and learning activity at the Nicholson Museum. They will also learnabout flight and aerodynamics with Engineering students in the quest for theperfect paper plane. The day will finish with some soccer, rugby and hockeywith our elite athletes.

Later in the month we will host Year 9 students from from Marrickvilleand Kogarah High Schools on a University Experience Day. This is one of threeUniversity Experience Days that we are hosting during September. UniversityExperience Days give students a chance to learn about university byparticipating in tutorials and workshops, attending presentations, touringthe campus and speaking with current students. Sessions include workshops on mono-printing, ideas about making money, essential doctor skills and facerecognition technology. These inspirational and interactive activities willintroduce students to future career opportunities and will contribute toraising awareness of the many choices available to access at a tertiarylevel.

Athelstane Public School students flying their 'specially engineered' paper planes
Athelstane Public School students flying their 'specially engineered' paper planes

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