HSC Revision Lectures

17 October 2009

Thanks to the generosity of UniServe and Matrix Education, 16 Year 12 students from Marrickville High School and Kogarah High School were offered free places in chemistry and physics HSC revision lectures that were offered at the University from 12-16 October. It was a great opportunity to get some exam preparation support from leading academics and professionals in their field. Feedback from a student at Kogarah High was extremely positive:

Attending the lectures has helped me reduce my stress in studying the whole course for chemistry and physics. It summed up every important point we have to learn in the course in just 12 hours. It saved me time writing my own summary notes since the program has provided me excellent and thorough notes, covering all the aspects of the course. It also helped me tackle common examination mistakes. It gave me the chance to learn how to answer a certain question properly in order to gain the full marks. The program has given me the confidence and the knowledge to do well in my HSC exam.

We wish all the students luck in their upcoming exams and hope that these lectures have taken away some of those pre-exam nerves!