Planning Day Follow-up - Film-editing Workshops

17 November 2009

We have received confirmation that the Sydney College of Arts (SCA) will be able to deliver film-editing workshops for our schools next year. At this stage the SCA will be able to deliver two workshops per term for 2010. The format will be as follows:

1. Professional Development

A professional development session will be scheduled for week 3 in term one (date to be confirmed shortly). This PD session is open to all schools and will cover five areas of the film-editing process:

  • pre-production (planning)
  • production (shooting)
  • post production (editing)
  • post production (music and sound FX)
  • post production (making a dvd)

For schools that continue with the in-school workshops, this session must be attended.

2. In-School Workshops

  • The workshops will consist of 5 sessions, each running for about two to three hours. The lecturer needs to come in as early as possible to the process as the value of starting at the storyboarding phase will save a lot of time later on in the editing process.
  • Please see the timetable or workshop content and format.
  • Please fill in the equipment checklist so the lecturer knows what technology and software packages the teachers are using.

We have positions available for four schools (additional to the schools who nominated the film-editing workshops in the school planning day). If you would like to have the workshops delivered in your school, please send in an EOI covering these points:

  • A brief proposal of the film you would like to make
  • The learning outcomes for your students
  • Which term you plan on commencing the project
  • How many students will be involved in the workshops and the filming

EOIs are to be submitted by Friday the 27th of November to Miriam.