Condell Park HS Introduction Day

25 November 2009

On 19th November 90 year 9 students from Condell Park High School visited the University of Sydney. This was their first visit as part of the Compass program.

The students were amazed by the architecture of the main quadrangle and impressed by the size of the lecture halls. Staff from Compass gave them a short history of University life and then the fun began. With the aim to whet their appetite for further study beyond high school, students participated in physics experiments, activities in the Nicholson Museum and Vet-Science skullduggery! A bus tour of the campus showed students how large the University is, and a historical tour of the quad uncovered the mysteries of the gargoyles and grotesques.

Sydney University Sport provided some insight into the elite athlete program and proved there's more to university than studying full-time.

A highlight of the day was students leaving their mark in the graffiti tunnel for them to revisit next time they're on campus!

A departing quote from one of the students, "Bye, see you when I get to uni..."